For a good makeup or beauty treatment start by cleaning your skin

Many clients with beautiful skin tell me that they only use makeup to go to work because they like their skin to “breathe” for several hours. Of course, the skin doesn’t “breathe” whether you wear makeup or not, but what these women mean is this:

black mask peel

The face must be naked most of the time.

Many specialists believe that if cosmetics are always used, pores become clogged, dilated, or pimples occur. However, other skin care experts say that makeup, especially foundation, protects the skin from irritating elements. You’ll be the judge. If your skin responds well to a day without cosmetics, do it regularly.

If you have fair skin and wear makeup all the time, you don’t need to change. In any case, be sure to clean it thoroughly, at least twice a day, especially before bedtime.

First remove eye makeup with an oil-based product designed to dissolve mascara, powder, pencil, and cream. The area near the eyes is very delicate, so treat it with care. Never pull or stretch the skin. Use cotton balls to gently clean the eye makeup residue. Do not use ordinary facial tissues to remove makeup; the fibers they contain can damage your skin.

Then, with a cleansing lotion, gently remove the rest of the makeup from your face and neck. With circular upward and outward movements massage with the lotion to your face for one minute. When the makeup dissolves, clean the residue with a wet cotton ball or towel. Sprinkle your face several times with warm (not hot) water until all makeup is gone.

Now, with a mild soap (I prefer perfume-free ones) and a clean towel, gently massage your skin to clean pores and exfoliate dead cells accumulated during the day. Most people have mixed skin, with oily parts on the nose and forehead, so massage these areas carefully to remove the outer layer of fat.

Rinse again with warm water. Tap your face with your softest, most luxurious towel. Then pass a cotton ball moistened with refreshing lotion to remove any residue. A dash of mineral water adds a touch of moisture to your skin.

The next step is to apply the moisturizer. Despite its name, a moisturizer does not provide moisture to your skin but seals the moisture that only water provides. Dry skin is the result of natural moisture loss. If your skin is dry, immediately after the refreshing lotion and mineral water, apply a rich, non-greasy moisturizer to seal your natural moisture.

Once the skin is completely clean, you’ll be ready to begin makeup or facial beauty treatment. For example, cleaning the face is essential to apply a black mask cleanser, a facial mask type that is increasingly used.

Keep in mind that it is not always necessary to use expensive skin care products. Women are convinced that their skin is dirty. Acne, for example, has nothing to do with dirt: it’s a hormonal problem.

If your skin is slightly dry or normal, just use a light moisturizer, one of the oil-free moisturizers. If your skin is oily, you don’t need extra oils that can clog your pores at night.

The area around the eyes has no sebaceous glands. Special eye creams, rich in emollients, help keep this delicate region flexible, reducing the possibility of small lines appearing. Start using eye cream now, before it’s too late.

There are longer and more expensive regimens for healthy skin, but as I said before, my intention is to make things simple. For example, if you use the black mask every night at bedtime, you’ll soon have a more beautiful skin.

As your skin undergoes this healthy transformation while you sleep, the first thing you should do in the morning is wash your face. Using an oily soap and towel, wash by removing dead cells, as well as contaminants and oils that your skin has expelled. If you are going to use a sunscreen during the day, spread it over your face before applying moisturizer or makeup.

I always recommend sunscreen lotions with a sun protection factor of 15, as these products best protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Final tip: Smoking prematurely ages your skin. Not only does it cause the vessels in your eyes to contract, but it can also affect the color of your skin and cause small wrinkles to appear.

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