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Penis Physical Therapy for erectile dysfunction

If you are having difficulties maintaining or having an erection in the first place, you need to stay with us because we will reveal a few ways how you can improve your sexual life and most important of all, we will tell you how to get rid of the embarassement and start living a better and fulfilled life.Penis Physical Therapy for erectile dysfunction

What is Penis Physical Therapy?

Penis physical therapy or also known as penile rehabilitation is a new way for men to be able to maintain or even have an erection. Because of illness, surgery, trauma, stress or even lack of use, the penis can stop functioning effectively. Thus, many men become desperate and are ashamed to perform in front of their partner. However, there are many techniques and exercises which can help solve this problem and improve the functionality of the penis.

For those who have had prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, loss of penile size, these changes can be very concerning. It is very important to have a penis physical therapy not only to repair the functioning of the penis, but also to help you emotionally. Numerous studies have shown that men who have done this type of treatment have managed to maintain a stronger erection without using any medicine such as Viagra.

How Penis Physical Therapy works?

The prostate gland is surrounded by nerves which are critical for a man’s ability to have an erection and when a men has prostatectomy, this involves removing the prostate gland, thus men have difficulties maintain an erection.

When you have a broken leg or surgery, you try to exercise as much as you can to get back in shape. The same happens if you have erectile dysfunction or similar problems which are treated with penis physical therapy. This process keeps erectile tissue healthy while the rest of the nerves heal from surgery.

Penis Exercises

It is proven that if you start with these exercises after surgery or after you notice changes in your penis area, you will have better results. Penis physical therapy requires constantly doing exercises which will help you overcome the problem.

The first and most prescribed exercise by all urologists is masturbation. This does not mean that you should masturbate a few times a day, but you need to exercise approximately 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week. Relax by touching your penis with some oil. Massage it and stretch it gently before it gets erected. Stimulate the entire pelvic region, but do not climax. This helps you last longer and improve the erection.

 Kegels are also strongly recommended. Strong pelvic floor muscles support the interior base of the penis and also control the angle of the erection. These muscles trap blood in the penis thus providing a stronger and long lasting erection. Pelvic floor muscles control ejaculation too. Although they were firstly recommended to women, it was shown that work efficiently as penis physical therapy.


Penis physical therapy is the best treatment you can offer yourself. If you want to regain the functionality of your penis you need to do these exercises as much as possible. You do not have to do everything alone. It is best if your partner supports you and helps you while you exercise, this way you will both have fun and regain the intimacy. However, we need to remind you that this might be a long process, and if you need to feel better while you perform in the bedroom it is best if you take supplements such as RX24 or TestoUltra.

How to use CBD Oil Spray

If you are here on our page, this means that you are interested in finding out what CBD oil spray is. Well for starters it would be better to say that these sprays do not contain any THC, so there is no chance of you becoming “high”. Also it is great for those who are often doing drug tests, because it does not appear as present in your system.CBD Oil Spray use

What is CBD Oil Spray?

CBD Oil Spray is a new way and definitely more advanced and upgraded version of the popular CBD drops. It is definitely a product which has changed many lives to better. The reason why everyone wants to use this spray is simply because you do not to count drops anymore, neither be afraid you get caught using CBD substances.

It is very handy and you can use a few drops 2-3 times a day. You can even have it in your office desk. With this spray you will enjoy the benefits in an instant. For those who are just starting to add CBD in their routine, this spray is a perfect opportunity. Let us remind you that is available in more than 40 countries, it is carefully made without any pesticides and it does not contain any compounds which make you “high”.

Ingredients in CBD Oil Spray

CBD Oil spray is made from Cannabidiol which is extracted from hemp that is not GMO and has never been treated with herbicides or chemical fertilizers. This product is made from Hemp oil (seed and stalk), CBD, stevia extract, kosher vegetable glycerin, water, emulsifier, lecithin, potassium sorbate and flavors. It does not matter if you want peppermint, vanilla or unflavored, because there are a numerous variants from which you can choose. The most important thing to know is that the flavor does not matter as long as it helps you minimalize or not feel pain and other symptoms.

Benefits from CBD Oil Spray

There are numerous benefits you can get from any CBD related product, but since we are here to explain you more about CBD oil spray and the benefits you can get by using it.

  • It is a muscle relaxant.
  • Helps those who suffer from depression.
  • Successfully treats Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Psoriasis
  • Treats Back Pain
  • Migraines
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Treats alcoholics

Hemp CBD has the abilities to reverse tumors and return malfunctioning cells back to normal. For decades only THC was available, but now CBD takes places and it is known as the best medicine able to treat different conditions without causing side effects or addiction. If you have been used taking pills, now there is a simpler solution which requires only a few drops of this spray.


CBD Oil Spray is definitely number 1 medicine able to cure many conditions without surgical procedures. If you happen to live in any of these 40 states where CBD is legal, you have a chance to try the best made products made to improve your health. There are hundreds of different products available from numerous companies and yours is to choose. However, we definitely suggest trying Pure CBD.

Whenever you decide to purchase spray or oil, make sure you do not go for cheap prices, but instead find something that is more expensive but efficient. You can also take a look at reviews and testimonials from many users and this way you fill find out what worked best for them.

Are Nootropics Safe? Read this to find out

We live in an era where workers need to give 100% of their mind in order to be successful. Many students, workers, scientists and regular people are taking nootropics in order to improve the functioning of their brain. If you started experiencing similar memory problems and you want to solve them, then you need to read this article and find out if nootropics are safe or not.are nootropics really safe

What are nootropics?

Nootropics or brain enhancers are made to improve cognitive function and make people perform better and achieve their ultimate potential. If you are asking yourself “Are nootropics safe” then we need to step forward and tell you yes and no.

Since there are a lot of drugs on the market and there is no way how all of them can be checked, it is very important to know what you are buying. Many of the available nootropics can cause addiction or even negative side effects.

It is scientifically proven that teenagers or youngsters who take any of these nootropics are likely to do harm to their brains and stop brain improvement and development.

Are nootropics safe?

We already gave an answer to the question “Are nootropics safe”, but since the answer can be not satisfying, here are some more answers you should have in mind.

Since there are a hundreds of nootropics out there with different ingredients, certain nootropics can be safe for use while others can be detrimental to cognitive process. Many of you know that Piracetam is one of the oldest supplements made for brain improvement, but this does not mean that it is the best. Similar products can cause an addiction and therefore it is very important to minimize potential dangers and take smaller doses.

Safe nootropics

If you prefer, you can divide all of the nootropics in two groups meaning those made in pharmaceutical facilities and those of natural origin. Most nootropics are made of natural herbs and ingredients which we use on daily basis, so here are some of the most used in today’s effective brain enhancers.

The best known safe and natural supplements are: ginkgo biloba, green tea, cayenne pepper, caffeine, taurine, Omega 3 etc. So, you can include them in your life and you will no longer have to ask “Are nootropics safe”, because you will feel the effects.

How to choose the best nootropic

We mentioned the differences between synthetic and natural nootropics. Now it is time to say a few words about the natural supplements available on the market. It is very important to know that all of these can be put in a same basket. Meaning there are still natural supplements which can make you improve your memory, brain functionality, increase energy and keep you focused for longer period. This means you will be willing to finish what you have started even if you have put a lot of effort into it. The most positive outcome is that many of them do not even cause addiction.  So, are nootropics safe? Yes, they are.


Today we have shown you the answer to the question “Are nootropics safe”, but since many of you are clueless, we would like to point BrainPlus IQ as the best nootropic available. It improves your focus, energy, memory and you do not need a prescription from your doctor since it is a natural supplement which does not have negative effects nor causes addiction. It is best to read testimonials and reviews before you made a purchase, because most of the companies are a scam and all they are interested in is money. For this reason it is best to purchase BrainPlus IQ which is safe for use.